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Beware of Online Scammers Using EAA Name for Phishing

April 17, 2020One of the unfortunate fallouts of the current coronavirus situation is an opening for online scammers to alter their messaging to disguise their activity as an alleged way to help health workers, law enforcement, or other front line workers.

If you as an EAA member or chapter leader receive such a request supposedly from EAA headquarters or an EAA official, do not respond to it or open any links. It is a scam. It may contain a subject line such as “SUPPORT THE FRONTLINERS AGAIN CORONAVIRUS” or something similar. Simply delete it, unopened.

Some other telltale signs of a scam email, according to the FBI:

  • Poor spelling or grammar in links, text, or email addresses
  • Links you do not recognize
  • Emails conveying urgency to act immediately
  • Format designed to look like a legitimate organization, but contains some flaws

EAA is not involved with any such groups in an organization-wide campaign. Any member calls to action would be communicated through our well-recognized channels such as the weekly eHotline newsletter and will contain legitimate contacts from EAA headquarters.

Be alert to these scams. We wish you good health and safety during these times.

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