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Enhancing GA Safety Through Turn-Back Study

October 21, 2021 – EAA has formed a team to explore ways of improving aviation safety by focusing on responses to the often-tragic 180-degree turn back to the runway following engine failure on takeoff.

This group, led by Charlie Precourt, EAA’s board vice chairman, and Sean Elliott, EAA’s vice president of advocacy and safety, also includes representatives from the flight instruction and flight test communities, academia, data analysis experts, and others. Among its primary focus areas:

  • Reacting to an engine failure at takeoff.
  • Stall awareness, recognition, and prevention after loss of power in a takeoff attitude, and recovery.
  • Teaching pilots proper judgment in this scenario, the ability of different types of aircraft to perform such a maneuver, and whether a turn-back is the appropriate response.

EAA’s action followed a National Transportation Safety Board report that indicates engine failure on takeoff/climb-out was a significant contributor to GA accidents. The group will study how to incorporate these piloting skills in basic private and sport pilot certification, as well as additional training programs.

EAA’s team is also working collaboratively with the FAA and will submit the group’s recommendations to the agency.

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