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EAA Requests ADS-B Policy Clarity in Filed Comments

November 14, 2019 - This week, EAA joined AOPA and other groups in filing comments on FAA Advisory Circular 90-114B, requesting clarity on certain ADS-B guidelines, including formation pilots understanding an ATC directive to turn off their transponder for the sake of safety is consistent with regulation.

That guideline is currently spelled out in an interim rule, but was left out of the AC, so EAA supports language of a new section that clearly states pilots can expect ATC to instruct them to turn off their transponders and ADS-B transmissions.

Additionally, EAA reaffirmed support for an alternative means of approval for installation of ADS-B equipment in S-LSA aircraft when manufacturers are either unwilling or unable to approve appropriate installations, to ensure these aircraft can comply with the mandate.

Finally, EAA supports the inclusion of language on behalf of the International Aerobatic Club that clarifies the ADS-B rules pertaining to aerobatic flight. The AC states that aircraft engaged in aerobatic and agricultural operations that may fail to meet performance requirements due to maneuvering that exceeds design limits of the necessary equipment are not considered nonperforming, although those aircraft are expected to meet ADS-B requirements when not actively engaged in aerobatics or agricultural operations.

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