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Free GLIDERBOOKS Courses Available for EAA Young Eagles

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November 21, 2018 - Young Eagles now have an additional resource to discover more about the world of flight, as GLIDERBOOKS Academy online soaring school is offering free glider courses for all young people who have flown in the Young Eagles program.

The GLIDERBOOKS Academy online courses cover four basic areas of glider and soaring flight: Introduction to Soaring, Glider Familiarization, Flight Instruments, and Aerodynamics. It is a $95 value, offered at no charge as part of the EAA student membership that is available for free to all Young Eagles following their flights.

“Glider flying is learning the fundamentals of flight in their purest form,” said Rick Larsen, EAA’s vice president of communities and member programs. “The GLIDERBOOKS Academy online series is a terrific way to discover more about basic soaring and also introduce one more pathway to engage in flying. GLIDERBOOKS Academy has made these resources more easily available than ever.”

Glider flying, or soaring, is a way for young aspiring pilots to get into the cockpit sooner, as solo flights can take place as early as age 14 and a full FAA glider pilot rating can be obtained at age 16. The minimum age to solo in powered aircraft is 16 with a minimum age of 17 to obtain a pilot certificate.

“We have been in discussions with EAA on ways to increase youth interest in aviation,” said Rhonda Clerkin, owner of GLIDERBOOKS Academy. “Beginning flight training in gliders allows young people to fulfill their dreams of flying at a younger age and at a lower cost. Using these courses, Young Eagles can be soaring as a pilot while their friends are just getting their driver’s licenses.”

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