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EAA Exploring Simulator Training Sessions Being Conducted Remotely

November 12, 2020 – EAA is investigating the feasibility of allowing remote simulator sessions to satisfy FAA training and currency requirements for training and currency checks normally conducted in person using simulators.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the development of remote training technology in simulators, allowing student and instructor to be physically distant while facilitating the same transfer of knowledge to meet FAA requirements.

The instructor could be in another room or even another state, with full communication with the student and the capability to control the simulator over the internet. This technology has applications beyond the current pandemic situation, allowing instructors with certain specialties or skills to instruct anywhere in the country.

Current FAA policy requires the instructor to be present if a simulator session is to be logged as dual. EAA recognizes that checks must be put in place to prevent fraud and abuse, as with any type of remote learning, but our Advocacy team is making inquiries with the appropriate FAA offices.

EAA notes that other areas of the FAA are using technology to adapt to the pandemic. Designated pilot examiners in vintage aircraft, for example, are currently being observed by their FAA supervisors remotely by using cockpit video cameras.

As with many interactions between old regulations and new technology, some barriers exist. EAA is hopeful for a resolution that will benefit the industry both in the short term during the pandemic and into the future with more use of flexible remote learning.

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