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Our Mission

EAA’s mission is to grow participation in aviation by sharing The Spirit of Aviation. The content we publish in our print and digital publications is for people with a passion for aviation. It’s for craftsmen, pilots, and dreamers who find inspiration through innovation, community, and continuous learning. All of our content, from a full-blown feature in a magazine down to a one-line tweet, aims to inform, educate, and entertain those who enjoy aviation, and a lot of it comes directly from our members. 

Our Audiences

Our flagship monthly magazine, EAA Sport Aviation, reaches more than 200,000 EAA members around the world. A digital issue is also offered and accessible via the web and a mobile app. Readers include men and women who are passionate aviation enthusiasts, and more than 80 percent of them are pilots. Our digital publication, eHotline, is sent to more 110,000 readers every week, our website and blog see nearly 200,000 visits each month, and our social media channels reach hundreds of thousands more. 

Share Your Story

We are regularly looking for stories and photos to share across our various channels. All submissions are thoroughly edited for grammar, style, and clarity, so don’t worry if you think your writing needs a little work. 

Our preferred method is for you to direct any submissions through our online form. If you must submit hard copies, you can mail them to:

EAA Editorial
PO Box 3086
Oshkosh, WI 54903

In addition to EAA Sport Aviation, you can also speak to aviators with special interests through EAA’s community magazines — Warbirds,Vintage Airplane, and Sport Aerobatics, not to mention our daily convention periodical, AirVenture Today

We consider completed manuscripts on spec as well as queries. A query should discuss how the article will benefit our readers, why the topic is timely, and why you’re the appropriate writer to discuss the topic, as well as any photos or illustrations you will be able to provide. We generally do not accept material that has been previously published in print or online.

Feature article lengths typically run from 2,000 to 2,500 words. On occasion, shorter (1,500-1,800) and longer (3,000-3,500) articles may appear as the topic warrants.

Accepted freelance articles must be submitted in electronic form, in plain text or Microsoft Word formats. We expect writers to thoroughly check all facts in their stories. 

All queries for Sport Aerobatics should be sent directly to

Queries and story leads for Vintage Airplane magazine should be submitted via the Vintage Airplane Stories online form.

Queries and story leads for Warbirds magazine should be submitted via the Warbirds Stories online form.

All other queries and submissions should be submitted via our online form (except for What Our Members are Building/Restoring and Flyby photos - see those forms below)

Queries about breaking news stories for AirVenture Today should be made in person at the AirVenture Today building on the convention grounds. Generally speaking, relevant queries and submissions for the newspaper should be made well in advance. 

In addition to our print publications, we also accept submissions for our digital-only offerings, including multiple e-newsletters, our website, and our  Hangar Flying blog. Stories for the blog must be engaging, entertaining, and inspiring, and must include accompanying photographs.

While guidelines vary depending on channel and subject matter, generally speaking, these submissions should be considerably shorter than those for print, in the 300-600 word range, though features for the blog can be as long as 1,000 words if the story merits it. 

The best practice is to simply submit your content and allow us to determine the best channel for publication, as appropriate. 

What Our Members are Building/Restoring

Consistently ranked as one of the most popular sections of EAA Sport Aviation magazine, this is the place where members share their completed projects as an inspiration to anyone building or restoring an aircraft, or just considering it. Even if it’s an older project that was completed quite some time ago, we’d like to publish the story if it hasn’t been shared before. Submit your project via this form.

For some detailed tips about how to capture the best photo of your finished project, see our guide here.

Flyby Photo

Each month in EAA Sport Aviation, we publish a featured photo across a two-page spread. Submissions are accepted from the original photographer, must be high-resolution and suitable for print at a minimum of 300 dpi, and include a short description of the photo’s subject matter and location. Submit your photo via this form.

Overview of Publications/Channels

EAA Sport Aviation
One of EAA’s most popular member benefits is EAA Sport Aviation, the award-winning monthly magazine that covers the full spectrum of association activity. Available in print and digital formats, EAA Sport Aviation delivers features, articles, and departments, with special emphasis on innovation, affordability, and the spirit of community and camaraderie that sets EAAers apart.

Published eight times per year for the EAA Warbirds of America division, Warbirds, is dedicated to preserving military aircraft of all eras and is avidly read by one of the highest-income demographic segments in the general aviation marketplace.Warbirdscovers all the activities and adventures of this active group of aviators. 

Vintage Airplane
Published six times per year for our Vintage Aircraft Association division, Vintage Airplane, features articles detailing the restoration and history of aircraft rebuilt by members, as well as historical pieces consisting of the recollections of those who were active during the heyday of these aircraft.

Sport Aerobatics
The monthly magazine for our International Aerobatic Club division, Sport Aerobatics, is aviation’s only magazine devoted to recreational and competition aerobatics. The publication and its readers are dedicated to safety through knowledge and education, as well as flying fun in all attitudes. 

AirVenture Today
Printed daily and distributed around the grounds, AirVenture Today is the newspaper that keeps people up to speed during our annual convention in Oshkosh.  

Hangar Flying
Our blog, Hangar Flying, is the home for stories that engage, educate, inform, and inspire. A short, photo-heavy report of your successful Young Eagles rally is welcome, as is a longer essay about a favorite flight, an interesting person in aviation history, etc. Stories written in the first person are welcomed. In addition, we regularly highlight notable personal achievements such as a first solo, first flight of a project, etc., in the Milestones section of the blog. Milestones can either be submitted as completed stories, anywhere from 100-500 words, or as leads that one of our staff writers can use for follow up. 

We publish a variety of e-newsletters in addition to eHotline, including ChapterGram and our Canadian newsletter, Bits & Pieces. Occasionally, content for these newsletters is published in conjunction with our Hangar Flying blog. 

News Releases
If you or your company or other entity has a relevant announcement that you think would be of interest to the EAA audience, you may submit a news release for consideration. All news releases must be posted elsewhere on the web so that we may publish a short description and a link. EAA does not republish press releases from outside sources. 


Please understand that we receive numerous queries every day, so allow two to three weeks for a response. Accepted content must be submitted in electronic form, in plain text or Microsoft Word formats. We expect writers to thoroughly check all facts in their stories, and to ensure that you have the right to grant us permission to publish any and all accompanying imagery.  

General Terms

While we do occasionally pay for certain types of content (excluding What Our Members are Building/Restoring and Flyby), many contributors choose to donate their work in the interest of sharing it with their fellow EAA members worldwide. If compensation arrangements are made in advance, we pay for stories on acceptance, with an invoice from the author, for first world rights for one-time print use and perpetual electronic use. Contributor copies are sent to writers, artists, and photographers whose work appears in that issue. 

We typically do not pay for digital submissions, and reserve the right to repurpose those submissions for potential future use in our print publications as appropriate. 

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