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Young Eagles® Credits Program

Young Eagles Credits Reimbursement

The purpose of the Young Eagles credit program is to assist EAA chapters in furthering the local Young Eagles program, and other youth aviation initiatives.

Credits are valued at $5 per Young Eagle flown, and pilots are responsible for determining which chapter earns their credits.

Credits are accrued on a calendar year basis. In February of the year following the accrual, the total credits earned by each chapter will be communicated via email. Those credits are then available for reimbursement from March 1 – January 21.

Credit Reimbursement and Air Academy Reservations

EAA has moved to a digital submission form for Young Eagles Credit reimbursement and Air Academy camp reservations. Chapters are encouraged to attach an updated Chapter ACH Form so that the EAA finance department has the most up-to-date information.

Download Chapter ACH Form

Only chapter Young Eagles Coordinators, treasurers, presidents, vice presidents, and secretaries are able to request reimbursement and/or reserve an Air Academy slot on behalf of the chapter. Reimbursements are paid directly to chapters - not individuals.

Expenses must be incurred before December 31 to be eligible for reimbursement. Reimbursement forms must be submitted by January 21.

Reimbursement Request

Air Academy Reservations - If your chapter would like to use your credits towards an existing 2024 Air Academy camp reservation, please email airacademy@eaa.org. The 2024 camp is filled to capacity, and EAA is not accepting additional reservation. The 2025 camp reservations will open in September 2024.

EAA maintains final discretion on the disbursement of Young Eagles Credit reimbursement. For a variety reasons, EAA may deny a reimbursement request at our discretion.

To learn more about approved uses of credits, and how the program works, review the information below.

  • Approved Uses of Young Eagles Credits

    Technology and Equipment Needed for Young Eagles Rallies

    • Laptop – To check-in youth from Young Eagles online registration, print certificates, etc.
    • Printer – To print certificates and waivers from Young Eagles online registration
    • iPad – To collect parent/pilot signatures using the EAA Digital Signature app. Must run iOS 13 or greater
    • Projector or TV – To play videos, show briefing presentations, display flight tracker information, etc.
    • Wifi Equipment – A hotspot, repeater, modem, or any standard wi-fi router are approved purchases to help run the online registration system
    • Restaurant Pagers – To hand out to parents as they check-in their youth, and then page when it is their child’s turn to fly
    • Handheld Aviation Radio – To monitor the local frequency or communicate pertinent information with pilots
    • Cones/Barricades – To mark off restricted areas
    • Safety Vests – For chapter volunteers to wear during the event
    • Banners/Signage – To advertise the event or provide directions to attendees
    • Youth Sized Aviation Headset – Chapter owned headsets to be used during rallies
    • Pop-up Tent – Used as shelter for registration area, cooking, etc.
    • Tables and Chairs – General purposes such as check-in table, waiting, area, etc.
    • Free Swag – Balsa wood gliders, stickers, coloring books, etc. for youth
    • Promotional Efforts – Banners, posters, business cards, Facebook ads, etc.
    • Postage – Specifically for mailing back Young Eagles waivers to EAA HQ
    • Food – Served to volunteers at Young Eagles rallies free of charge
    • Miscellaneous Office Supplies – Pens, paper, labels, etc.

    Expansion of Youth Programs

    • Young Eagles Workshops – EAA designed kits to offer turnkey, hands-on and educational programs for youth. EAA.org/YEWorkshops
    • Young Eagles Build and Fly Kit – RC model building and flying initiative to introduce youth to aircraft construction and the fundamentals of flight. EAA.org/YEBuildandFly
    • Chapter Flight Simulator Software and Peripherals – To be used at Young Eagles rallies or a chapter-based youth flight simulator program. Recommend EAA’s Virtual Flight Academy – EAA.org/VFA
    • Stand Alone Youth Activities – Supplies needed for youth activities, not included in any EAA provided kit.
    • Youth Ground School – Materials needed to execute a ground school for youth.

    Chapter Teen Build Aircraft Programs

    • Tools – Tools needed for the teen build. Don’t forget about the chapter tool crib program, which offers a 30% reimbursement for chapter owned specialty tools.
    • Safety Gear – Safety glasses, gloves, first aid kits, etc.
    • Consumables – This includes drill bits, scotch brite wheel, etc.
    • Shirts – Order matching chapter branded shirts for teen build participants and volunteers.

    Exclusions: Aircraft kits, aircraft projects, engines, avionics, paint, etc.

    Volunteer and Chapter Member Recognition

    • Young Eagles Apparel – Shirts, hats, jackets, etc. that are Young Eagles/chapter branded.
    • Volunteer Recognition Items – Includes certificates, plaques, hats, shirts, trinkets, etc.
    • Food – Served to volunteers at Young Eagles rallies free of charge.

    EAA Air Academy

    • Camp Tuition Expenses – Can be covered partially or in full using Young Eagles credits. Complete the Chapter Reservation Form to apply your credits.
    • Travel Expenses – Reimbursement of travel costs associated with a youth’s trip to Air Academy. Includes airfare, lodging, ride share expenses, etc.

    Ray Aviation Scholarship

    • Scholarship Kit – Chapter provided scholar kit that is passed along to each subsequent Ray Scholar. Kit contents may include a knee board, plotter, E6-B, headset, etc.

    Prohibited Reimbursement Expenses

    • Reimbursements to pilots for aircraft operation expenses – fuel, oil, rental expenses, etc.
    • Travel to EAA AirVenture Oshkosh
    • Infrastructure expenses – Hangar additions, parking lots, walkways, ramp repair, etc.
    • Recurring bills – Internet, electricity, heating, etc.
  • Information for Young Eagles Pilots

    EAA volunteer pilots who fly and register Young Eagles are issued one credit, valued at $5 each, for each Young Eagle flown. These credits are issued to the chapter of the pilot’s choosing. Most commonly, it is the chapter hosting the Young Eagles rally or the pilot’s primary chapter.

    Pilots are responsible for choosing which chapter receives their Young Eagles credits.

    Using Young Eagles Online Registration

    1. Add a default chapter to the pilot’s profile in Young Eagles online registration.
    2. Young Eagles Online Registration will default to sending the credits to the host chapter. However, when a pilot is invited to a rally hosted by a chapter other than their default chapter (as designated in their personal profile on YEDay.org), the invite email will give them the option to select their default chapter or host chapter to credit. When participating in their default chapter's rally, this option is not presented.

    Using Legacy Two-Side Registration Form/Waiver (REV 06/21)

    1. The pilot indicates which chapter they would like to credit under the pilot section of the form.

    Pilot credit example:
    A pilot designated EAA Chapter 252 as their primary chapter and flew 8 Young Eagles during 2023, EAA Chapter 252 would receive $40 in credits to use in 2025.
  • Information for EAA Chapters

    EAA issues a single credit notice to chapters containing the total credits earned by chapter pilots. This credit notice is sent in late February each year.

    Chapter Example:

    • Volunteer Young Eagles Pilots with EAA Chapter 252 fly 100 Young Eagles in 2023. Therefore $500 Young Eagles credits are earned.
    • The credits earned will be communicated to chapter coordinators, presidents, and treasurers in late February 2024.
    • The chapter has from March 1, 2024, to December 31, 2024, to make a qualifying purchase, reimbursable by Young Eagles Credits.
    • The chapter has from March 1, 2024, to January 21, 2025, to redeem the Young Eagles credits. To complete the online reimbursement request, visit EAA.org/YECredits. Funds will be transferred via ACH wire transfer.

    Expiration of Credits

    Please note all credits expire on December 31 Expenses must be incurred before December 31 to be eligible for reimbursement. Reimbursement forms must be returned to the Young Eagles office no later than January 21.

    Example Timeline

    • Jan. 1, 2024 – Dec. 31, 2024: Credits earned
    • Feb. 20, 2025: Credit letters sent to EAA chapters
    • Jan. 1, 2025 – Dec. 31, 2025: Purchase Period
    • Mar. 1, 2025 – Jan. 21, 2026: Credit reimbursement period
  • Future Years

    EAA hopes to be able to maintain this level of commitment in the future.

    We sincerely thank the many individuals and companies who stepped forward to donate the funds that are helping to expand the EAA Young Eagles credit program.

    EAA maintains final discretion on the disbursement of Young Eagles Credit reimbursement. For a variety reasons, EAA may deny a reimbursement request at our discretion.

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