Our Next Gen of Enthusiasts

Discover the joys of flight and share the spirit of aviation with others.

Become a Young Eagle

Get ready to have the experience of your lifetime. We'll show you how to become a Young Eagle and taste the freedom of flight that most people only dream about.

First, read about what to expect on your first flight. Next, find a flight and locate your nearest Young Eagles coordinator. That person will help you get in contact with a Young Eagles pilot, who'll schedule your flight.


  1. On the Ground
    Your pilot explains what will happen during the flight. You may talk about the airplane, review an aeronautical chart (or map), and complete a careful "walk-around" preflight inspection of the airplane.
  2. Just Before Takeoff
    Your pilot explains the interior of the airplane, including the operation of the aircraft door, safety belts, and instrument panel.
  3. In the Air
    The flight lasts between 15 and 20 minutes. And, if you want, your pilot may let you take the controls!
  4. Back on the Ground
    There's more time for you to ask questions about the flight. Your pilot is happy to tell you more about flying and his or her particular airplane.

You also get an official Young Eagles logbook with a personal code to activate your free EAA Student Membership and Sporty's Learn to Fly Course.

Information for Parents


An EAA Student Membership is available FREE of charge to any young person age 8-18 who has completed a Young Eagles flight.

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Register for a Young Eagles flight using EAA's online registration tool.

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Find a Young Eagles rally or other youth events in your area.

Find a Volunteer Pilot
Select your state (or country) from the drop down menu below and search for the nearest local Young Eagles coordinator to you. Even if there isn't a coordinator in your town, contact the closest one as they know other participating pilots in the area.

Young Eagles Preflight
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