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DAR Candidates

If you are interested in becoming a DAR, information and qualifications can be found here.

AB DAR Directory

To locate an DAR to inspect your completed aircraft project, utilize the FAA’s designee locator.

In order to find the nearest DAR you may have to perform two searches, since DARs are authorized through two different FAA offices. DARs authorized through the Flight Standards District Offices (FSDO) are designated DAR-T, while DARs authorized through the Manufacturing Inspection District Offices (MIDO) are designated DAR-F.

Here’s how to perform a search. At the designee locator page, first select either “DAR-T” or “DAR-F” from the drop-down menu in the “Designee Types” box. Then click the “Location Search” button. You will be presented with a number of criteria to define your location. The best way is to select “United States” in the “Country” box, and your state in the “State” box.

You will also need to select which function code for the DAR you are seeking. Function codes differ between DAR-Ts and DAR-Fs so you need to make sure to select the correct code. Select the proper code based on what type of aircraft you are presenting for certification. Listed below are the relevant function codes. Click the box next to the appropriate function code, then click the “Search” button.

DAR-T function codes:

    147 – Amateur-built propeller-driven airplanes and powered or unpowered gliders
    148 – Amateur-built turbojet-powered airplanes
    149 – Amateur-built rotorcraft and gyroplanes
    150 – Amateur-built manned free balloons and airships

    157 – Light-Sport (SLSA) or Experimental Light-Sport (ELSA) fixed-wing airplanes and gliders
    158 – Light-Sport (SLSA) or Experimental Light-Sport (ELSA) lighter-than-air aircraft
    159 – Light-Sport (SLSA) or Experimental Light-Sport (ELSA) powered parachute and weight-shift control aircraft

DAR-F function codes:

    57 – Amateur-built propeller-driven airplanes and powered or unpowered gliders
    58 – Amateur-built turboprop or turbojet powered airplanes
    59 – Amateur-built rotorcraft and gyroplanes
    60 – Amateur-built manned free balloons and airships

    61 – Experimental Light-Sport (ELSA) aircraft (all types)
    68 – Special Light-Sport (SLSA) aircraft (all types)

The results of your search will appear at the very bottom of the page.

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