Hands, Mind, and Heart

What started as a handful of passionate enthusiasts has developed into a major force—and a significant component—of the aircraft industry.

Weight and Balance

Weight & Balance: Weighing and measuring your safety

3/1/2001 12:00:00 AM By Ron Alexander (originally published in EAA Sport Aviation, March 2001)

Proper distribution of weight plays a large and important role in an aircraft’s overall performance. Load your airplane improperly, and it will affect its fuel consumption, speed, rate of climb, controllability, ceiling, and even structural integrity.

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A Realistic Look

1/1/1998 12:00:00 AM

Not only does FAA require a weight and balance check as part of an aircraft’s permanent records, but an airplane that is extremely tail heavy (i.e., exceeds Center of Gravity limits) is a potential disaster machine — a set up for a short-lived stall-spin career.

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Weighing Homebuilts

7/1/1991 12:00:00 AM By Tony Bingelis (originally published in EAA Sport Aviation, July 1991)

Contrary to the way some builders talk, weighing a homebuilt is NOT for the specific purpose of finding out how much over the design weight it turned out to be.

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