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What started as a handful of passionate enthusiasts has developed into a major force—and a significant component—of the aircraft industry.


Shoulder Wing Pusher- Composite/Aluminum

Gary S. James
Mini-Imp Aircraft Co.
PO Box 2011
Weatherford, TX 76086-2011

Telephone: 817-596-3278
Toll free: 800-377-3618

Email: info@mini-imp.com
Website: http://www.mini-imp.com

A newsletter and complete technical support and parts are also available from Gary James.

Articles in EAA and related publications:

Year Month Page Magazine Article
97 05 30 Experimenter Engine Q & A
95 04 108 Sport Aviation Molt Taylor Mini-Imp (Photo and Caption only)
93 10 118 Sport Aviation Thut Swiss -Taylor (Pusher, V-Tail, retract)
86 12 09 Sport Aviation Mini-Imp Drive System Notice
84 08 24 Sport Aviation Pat Hart's Mini-Imp (article and cover photo)
81 02 43 Sport Aviation 0-200 Mini-Imp
80 10 38 Sport Aviation Hart Mini-Imp (1st plans-built version), Mini-Imp 0-200 and Stretch Fuselage
77 07 35 Sport Aviation Flight Characteristics of the Mini-Imp
76 04 19 Sport Aviation Mini-Imp Flight Testing by Jack Cox
76 03 CV Sport Aviation Cover Photo Only, Mini-Imp
76 01 07 Sport Aviation Mini-Imp Materials Order (save - order bulk)
75 11 18 Sport Aviation Airfoil Section for the Mini-Imp
75 06 74 Sport Aviation Testing the Mini-Imp
75 05 09 Sport Aviation And Now They Fly the Mini-Imp
74 10 22 Sport Aviation 4,200 Miles Cross Country in a Mini-Imp

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