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Shoulder Wing - Composite – Amphibian

S.N.A. Inc.
Box 607
Kimberton, PA 19442

Telephone: 610-384-7000

Email: seawind@seawind.biz
Website: http://www.seawind.biz

S.N.A. Inc.
Box 607
Kimberton, PA 19442

Phone: 610-384-7000
Fax: 610-933-3335

Website: http://www.seawindsna.com

International Seawind Pilots Association
Email: editor@seawindpilots.com
Website: http://www.seawindpilots.com

For information regarding TIO-540 installation, call Ace Aviation, Inc. of San Rafael, CA. They can be reached at 415-472-0227, or you can see their web site: http://www.ace-aviation.com

Articles in EAA and related publications:

Year Month Page Magazine Article
2007 05 21 Sport Aviation Seawind Testing Nears Completion
2006 11 20 Sport Aviation Seawind Makes First Certification Test Flight (1/4 pg)
2006 09 21 Sport Aviation Seawind First Conforming Flight Test – Seawind 300C
2004 08 25 Sport Aviation Seawind Amphibian Halfway Home to Certification (1 col)
97 01 18 Sport Aviation The Seawind - Flying Qualities Report by Ed Kolano (7 pages w/ color photos)
95 07 31 Sport Aviation Static Seawind w/Allison B17C turboprop - 420 h.p., 195 lbs. at Sun ‘n Fun ‘95 (Photo, Caption and contact)
94 04 13 Sport Aviation Air, Ground, Water Test on 300 hp Version
93 11 07 Sport Aviation Quick build kit - Seawind
93 06 12 Sport Aviation Seawind 3000 accident caused by prop
93 02 13 Sport Aviation Sub-kits available
91 03 14 Sport Aviation Seawind rights sold
89 09 55 Sport Aviation Creelman Seawind - Seawind 2000
85 08 08 Sport Aviation Creelman Seawind development complete
83 01 84 Sport Aviation Creelman Seawind (4 place, 200 HP, kit)

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