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Hands, Mind, and Heart

What started as a handful of passionate enthusiasts has developed into a major force—and a significant component—of the aircraft industry.

Sport 150 (KIS)

Low Wing - Composite

Sport 150 (KIS)Kit/Plans:
Pulsar Aircraft Corporation
4233 N Santa Anna Ave., Ste. 5
El Monte, CA 91731

Telephone: 626-443-1019
Fax: 626-443-1311

Email: info@pulsaraircraft.com
Website: http://www.pulsaraircraft.com

EAA Member Websites:
Vance Jaqua: http://www.members.tripod.com/vjaqua
Bob Reed's KIS Cruiser website: http://www.robertr237.virtualave.net
Bob Reed's KIS TR-1 website: http://www.marina.fortunecity.com/commodity/318/

KIS Builders List Serve:
EAA member Bill Schertz maintains a KIS builder's list serve that lets you communicate with one email to over 85 KIS builders/enthusiasts: To sign on to the email list, send a mail message to majordomo@angus.mystery.com with the message "subscribe kisbuilders" in the BODY of the message (not the subject line). You will get back an acknowledgement from majordomo, and then are on the list. Print and keep that message. All of the past postings are available from the server, if you read the message from "majordomo" it tells you how to get copies. To participate in the list, you send a message to kisbuilders@angus.mystery.com

Articles in EAA and related publications:

Year Month Page Magazine Article
2004 01 106 Sport Aviation Bob’s First KIS: Making the first-flight difference (Bob Anderson, Mankato, MN)(2 ½ pgs)
99 09 86 Sport Aviation The Super Sport Cruiser (7 pages w/ pictures)
97 09 99 Sport Aviation I Crashed the KIS Cruiser, 3 pages w/color photos
97 04 78 Sport Aviation KIS Cruiser Flying Qualities Report (7 pages w/ color photos)
95 06 109 Sport Aviation 2nd Tri-KIS in Europe (Photo and Caption only)
94 12 48 Sport Aviation KIS Cruiser (Developments/flight report)
94 10 134 Sport Aviation MacDonald KIS w/0235
94 08 07 Sport Aviation 2 Photos,Captioned, KIS Cruiser
94 07 06 Sport Aviation KIS Cruiser construction photo
94 02 40 Sport Aviation New Engine
93 04 34 Sport Aviation KIS Taildragger
92 01 08 Sport Aviation Update on Glider version
91 10 34 Sport Aviation The KIS article
91 06 07 Sport Aviation KIS-1

EAA members can digitally view archived editions of EAA Sport Aviation here.

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