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SuperCat (BobCatV-3)

Low Wing - Wood

Bowdler Aviation Inc.
PO Box 132
Monroe, MI 48161-0132

Email: bobcat_flyer@foxberry.net
Website: http://www.foxberry.net/bobcat_flyer

Articles in EAA and related publications:

Year Month Page Magazine Article
2001 06 23 Experimenter Steve Carruthers' Super Cat named Hot Grand Champion at Sun 'n Fun (photo & caption)
93 09 45 Experimenter Extra hp causes Bobcat to lose wing
93 06 45 Experimenter Departure stall accident
91 09 08 Experimenter Baker aircraft wheels - faulty
91 07 38 Experimenter Dotson Bobcat w/Kawasaki 340cc
89 04 98 Sport Aviation Bobcat/Supercat Information Available
89 02 05 Experimenter Bobcat Plans & Premolds Available From Wicks
88 05 31 Experimenter McFadden Bobcat
87 03 18&C Light Plane World Rotter Bobcat
86 04 33 Light Plane World Baker's Bobcat
85 06 9&31 Light Plane World Baker's Bobcat
85 03 30 Light Plane World Materials Kit Available
84 12 07 Sport Aviation Initial article on the Bobcat

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