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Low Wing - Aluminum

Kits and plans for the UltraCruiser are available from:
Hummel Aviation 
16288 County Rd D
Bryan, OH 43506

Telephone: 419-636-6700

Email: info@flyhummel.com
Website: www.flyhummel.com

Info on Morry's 1/2 VW Conversions:
Telephone: 419-335-2147
Info packs for engines are $2

Articles in EAA and related publications:

Year Month Page Magazine Article
2005 12 18 Sport Pilot First Kit-Built UltraCruiser Flying (1/3 pg)
2005` 11 52 Sport Pilot A Dream Delayed: Thirty years later, I’m airborne! (4 pg)
2005 06 35 Sport Pilot UltraCuiser named Grand Champion UL at Sun ‘n Fun 2005 (photo and caption)
2004 06 37 Sport Aviation Hummel Ultra Cruiser Plus (1/2 pg) Seen at Sun ‘n Fun 2004
2003 07 18 Experimenter Ultracruiser: An all-metal, four-stroke, genuine ultralight? UltraCruiser might make you a believer! (7 pgs)
2003 01 36 Experimenter UltraCruiser Corrections and Additions (letter to editor)
2002 11 28 Experimenter Building an UltraCruiser (4 pgs)
2002 11 07 Experimenter New Owner for Hummel Bird/UltraCruiser (1/8 pg)
2002 03 20 KitPlanes Morry's UltraCruiser: Here's an ultralight version of the Hummel Bird (6 pgs)
2001 06 22 Experimenter UltraCruiser at Sun 'n Fun (photo & caption)
2001 03 28 Experimenter The UltraCruiser: God's Gift (2 1/2 pgs)

EAA members can digitally view archived editions of EAA Sport Aviation here.

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