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Venture (Questair)

Monoplane - All metal/fiberglass - 2 place

Venture (Questair)-1Kit/Plans:
Information on this aircraft is available from:
Nu Venture
c/o: Alan Tolle
Telephone: 559-447-1112

Type club:
Venture Association
12741 Cresthaven Drive
Groveland, CA 95321

Telephone: 209-962-4253

Email: venture@sonnet.com
Website: http://www.wallacecompany.com

Service difficulties:
Questair Model Venture, Landing Gear Failure 3230. The pilot reported that the landing gear would not extend. In order to use the emergency system, the pilot opened the bypass valve, and the landing gear fell toward the “down” position. All attempts to secure the gear in the “down-and-locked” position failed, and a gear-up landing was made. There were no personal injuries; however, the aircraft sustained extensive damage.

This aircraft was originally equipped with electric landing gear motors. The aircraft was modified to include a hydraulic landing gear system which uses an electrically-operated hydraulic pump and actuation cylinders. The emergency system uses a hand pump, reservoir, and a separate pair of cylinders for gear actuation. A bypass valve allows fluid to flow through the main system when the hand pump is operating the emergency system. In this case, the emergency system developed a leak in the lines and fittings at the hand pump, which depleted the emergency system fluid. When the emergency system was activated, air was introduced into both systems and prevented the gear from extending to the “down-and-locked” position. Part total time not reported. March 1998 FAA AC43-16.

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