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Soaring Society of America, Inc.

Soaring Society of America

The Soaring Society of America, Inc. (SSA) promotes all phases of soaring, nationally and internationally. Like EAA, it is a huge advocate for aviation education and safety. We've worked with the organization to give EAA members discounted rates on SSA membership so you can easily take advantage of SSA's growing network of chapters and benefits, and expand your participation in aviation.

We invite you to become a member of the Soaring Society of America today. When you sign up using the link at the bottom of this page, you'll receive a 25% discount off your first year of dues on a full individual SSA membership. To receive the discount, you must be logged into this website and an EAA member. 


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About the Soaring Society of America

Formed in 1932, SSA works to represent the interests of its growing membership base of more than 12,000 individuals, as well as soaring clubs, chapters, and businesses. Members share passion for an ecological air sport that offers simple and accessible flying, and stay connected to the rest of the soaring community through SSA's e-News and Soaring magazine publications. By joining the SSA, you are joining the ranks of those who want to stretch their wings, challenge themselves before nature, and embrace the rising columns of air in hopes of going higher and farther. 

What is Soaring?

Soaring is done in a sailplane, which is essentially an aircraft that doesn't have an engine. Sailplanes vary widely in design but are aerodynamically streamlined to move gracefully through the sky. Soaring, also called gliding, requires pilots to use their judgement to analyze terrain and weather in search of lift clues in the air such as birds and the maturity of cumulus clouds. Reading the elements just right brings the longest flight, the highest altitude gain, or the fastest speed. And because there is no engine, pilots enjoy a unique flying experience – free from the rumble of an engine, the only sound being the swishing of the wind as it passes over the wings.    

To join SSA and receive this discount, you must be logged in and a current member of EAA.

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