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Creation and Maintenance of Type Clubs

December 2018 - The latest project that the TCC has taken on is to create collateral materials to facilitate the creation and management of type clubs.

Several individuals have approached EAA over the years, seeking some help in starting a type club. There are few resources available to initiate the creation of a new type club, so each effort ended up being a fresh start. The result is a series of one-off solutions. While often successful, it’s not efficient and leaves the outcome in question. Often the effort to simply get started is difficult enough that it just never happens.

The initial key bullet points that the work group will address include:

  • How does one start a type club?
  • How does one fix a “broken” type club?
  • How does a type club “sell itself” to its audience of prospective members?

We envision that this exercise will provide a workspace where resources can be collected from existing type clubs and made accessible to other type clubs. Materials such as outlines used to create a type club, recommendations for successful fly-ins, fundraising ideas and solutions to the ongoing challenges of keeping a type club viable are among the most obvious.

I’m delighted to announce that Robbie Culver has volunteered to chair a work group to give some form to this initiative. Robbie was one of those seeking information when he decided to form the Sonex Builders and Pilots Foundation in 2013, so he is acutely aware of the process. He’ll be seeking additional individuals who’ve been down this path to participate, so please consider volunteering. The ideal volunteer would be a person who has started a TC from new, has revived a failing club, or simply has experience with similar organizations and is willing to provide example documents and participate in several conference calls to help assemble the materials into a usable format.

Please step up to help! For more details get in touch with Robbie Culver at 630-730-7144 or robbie_culver@icloud.com. You also can contact Coyle Schwab at 630-513-7002 or coyle.schwab@gmail.com

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