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Type Club Coalition Resources

How to Create a Type Club Document

Ever wanted to start your own type club and don’t know where to begin? Taking over an existing club but looking for some guidance? The "How to Create a Type Club" document is the perfect starting place for those questions, as multiple type clubs and EAA joined forces to shed light on the process.

Example Resources for all Type Clubs

Guide to Developing a Type-Specific Transition Training Program

The Type Club Coalition has created this guide to creating a type-specific pilot transition training program. Type clubs wishing to develop their own programs may use this guide and the additional resources linked below to incorporate instructional best practices and other type clubs’ experiences.

Additional Resources from Type Club Coalition Members

American Bonanza Society (ABS)

International Cessna 195 Club

Lancair Owners and Builders Organization

Sonex Builders and Pilots Foundation

Twin Cessna Flyer

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