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Chapter Recognition - 10 Part Series to Improve Your Chapter

July 2019 - In 2019 EAA will be rolling out the Chapter Recognition Program. This program is designed to help chapters improve the experience for their local members, and to recognize our many outstanding chapters. Chapter recognition will be based on 10 criteria and how many of those criteria a chapter meets.

The 10 criteria are as follows

Each month, EAA will highlight one of the criteria and show your chapter how to take advantage of a potential new opportunity.

  1. Current chapter leaders who have attended chapter leadership training.
  2. The chapter membership is growing or holding steady.
  3. The chapter offers an EAA IMC or VMC Club.
  4. The chapter participates in the Young Eagles or Flying Start program.
  5. The chapter has an EAA-approved flight advisor or technical counselor.
  6. The chapter partakes in the annual EAA Chapter Survey.
  7. Chapter leaders regularly read EAA's ChapterGram.
  8. The chapter has used a ChapterBlast or ordered promotional materials.
  9. The chapter hosts at least two public events per year.
  10. The chapter owns or leases a facility.

July's Criteria — Read Your ChapterGram!

July criterion: Reads EAA’s ChapterGram regularly.

About ChapterGram

EAA's ChapterGram is your chapter information source! Delivered to your inbox each month, ChapterGram is filled with activities and information of interest and benefit to EAA chapter members, including updates from EAA headquarters, upcoming Chapter Leadership Training sessions, news and tips from other chapters, and the latest on EAA Young Eagles, advocacy efforts, and various EAA departments.

ChapterGram is one of the best places to learn about new opportunities for your chapter, such as the Ray Aviation Scholarship, pancake breakfast fundraisers at AirVenture, and more! You will never miss a new chapter offering if you read ChapterGram on a regular basis.

Why ChapterGram Is Important

Staying in touch with EAA headquarters through monthly chapter publications is critical to chapter success. EAA is constantly announcing new resources and opportunities for chapters, and the first place to learn about these new opportunities is in these publications.

In addition to announcements of new offerings, ChapterGram is a great place to read about chapter success stories and best practices. These write-ups can offer a great deal of motivation for chapters to take new approaches to chapter activities.

Click here to access archives or subscribe to ChapterGram.

How EAA Measures ChapterGram Readership

Chapters are given the ChapterGram criteria credit when chapter officers combine to read half of the newsletters. For example, there are 12 newsletters per year and four chapter officers (president, vice president, secretary, and treasurer). Therefore, there are 48 opportunities for chapter leaders to read the newsletter (12 x 4 = 48). While we want chapter leaders to read every newsletter, we know that may not always be possible. Therefore, we are looking for an average of 50 percent readership.

This can be accomplished in any combination. Two chapter leaders can read the newsletter every month, and two can never read it, but you still have a 50 percent open rate. Alternatively, you can have each officer read the newsletter six months out of the year. This combination still adds up to a 50 percent open rate.

For further clarification on this criterion, please email chapters@eaa.org.

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