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Planning for Your Chapter’s Journey to AirVenture


June 2024 — If you and your fellow EAA chapter members are coming to Oshkosh, Wisconsin, this year for EAA AirVenture, then there is a wealth of information to help you prepare for your journey. Whether this is your first time attending AirVenture or you are a seasoned regular, we can help ensure that your trip will proceed smoothly and enjoyably.

Chapter Group Camping

Camping with your fellow chapter members is a great way to bond and to enjoy AirVenture together. If your chapter signed up for group camping this year, then the EAA Chapters staff and volunteers will stake out your camp sites on July 8-9, 2024, based on the information your chapter submitted when it signed up.

You and your chapter members can begin occupying your camp sites on July 13, 2024. A chapter designee for each chapter will arrive first and pick up the camping credentials for all chapter campers at Camper Registration at the Camp Scholler gates. The designee will be available to distribute the credentials to their respective campers as they arrive. The designee checking in the chapter must be prepared to prove their identity matches the name on the credential package.

Feel free to decorate your chapter’s camp sites with chapter flags, banners, and other chapter gear! It is fun to walk around Camp Scholler and see all the chapters that are represented each year.

For more information on chapter group camping, visit EAA.org/ChapterCamping. Make sure to follow EAA’s general camping guidelines during your stay.

For general information on camping, visit EAA.org/Camping.

Flying In/Aircraft Camping

Perhaps you and your chapter members are flying to Oshkosh instead of driving. Bringing your own aircraft and camping under its wings is one of the best ways to experience AirVenture. No preregistration is required for aircraft camping, but aircraft campsites are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. There is a minimum three-day camping fee. For more information on camping with your aircraft, including the guidelines, visit EAA.org/AircraftCamping.

The FAA Notice for EAA AirVenture 2024 is now available! This free booklet explains everything you need to know about flying into Wittman Regional Airport for AirVenture, including arrival and departure procedures, VFR and IFR flight planning, radio frequencies, and much more. There are also updates for airspace and procedures that you should know about. You can learn more and acquire a digital or printed copy of the Notice by going to EAA.org/NOTAM.

Learn more about flying into Oshkosh for AirVenture

EAA has two webinars about flying into Oshkosh for AirVenture, which will help you ensure a safe and smooth arrival:

  • Tips for Flying Into EAA AirVenture 2024 — Watch Now!
  • Ultralight/Homebuilt Rotorcraft Arrival Procedures — AirVenture 2024 — Wednesday, June 26, 2024 at 7 p.m. CDT — Sign Up Now!

What if your aircraft needs repairs while in Oshkosh? EAA Chapter 75 provides an on-site emergency aircraft repair service at AirVenture each year to allow pilots to make a safe return flight home, or a ferry flight to another airport for permanent repairs. Learn more

Off-site aircraft maintenance is available from Basler Flight Service (phone: 920-236-7827) and NewView Technologies (phone: 920-303-0709).

As an alternative to flying into Oshkosh, you have the option to camp your aircraft at Fond du Lac County Airport, just 18 miles south of Oshkosh. Shuttle buses will be running every hour between Fond du Lac and Oshkosh to take you to and from the AirVenture grounds. All proceeds for aircraft camping in Fond du Lac go to the local EAA Chapter 572. Learn more

Chapter Activities at AirVenture

We encourage all chapter members at AirVenture to stop by the EAA Blue Barn, located on Knapp Street across from the Forums Plaza. The Blue Barn is the home for all things chapters and Young Eagles at AirVenture. This is your one-stop shop for chapter information, resources, forums, and in-person chapter consultation with tax attorney Patti Arthur.

If you will be camping and need some breakfast, visit the EAA Chapters Pavilion in Camp Scholler to enjoy a pancake breakfast provided by an EAA chapter. Pancake breakfasts will occur each morning from Saturday, July 20, through Saturday, July 27. All proceeds go to the host chapters. This is a great opportunity to not only enjoy a freshly cooked meal, but also to support the host chapters.

Don’t forget to participate in the chapters mass group photo! To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the EAA chapters network, we would like to see as many chapter members as possible show up. The group photo will be taken at the Brown Arch on Tuesday, July 23, at 9 a.m.

You can learn more about chapter activities at AirVenture by reading the article Get Ready for EAA AirVenture 2024! from the March 2024 issue of ChapterGram. For more information about chapter activities at AirVenture, visit EAA.org/ChaptersAtAirVenture.

Other Important Information

The EAA Events app has been updated for AirVenture 2024. Download this app to your Apple or Android device to learn about the AirVenture schedule, exhibitors, food venues, features and attractions, and more, and to get notifications about events and weather alerts. To learn more, visit EAA.org/App.

A variety of amenities and services are provided for AirVenture attendees. These include grocery shopping, laundry services, ATMs, charging stations, Wi-Fi, first aid, security posts, and much more. Access and services for disabled attendees are also available. Learn more

The weather during AirVenture can get interesting, as previous attendees can attest to. Weather information for AirVenture is provided in numerous ways, including a dedicated National Weather Service webpage, text alerts to your cellphone when severe weather is coming, local radio stations, and alerts on the EAA Events app and social media. Visit EAA.org/Weather to learn more about weather alerts and severe weather shelters and evacuation protocols.

We look forward to seeing you in Oshkosh this July!

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