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Chapter Camping at AirVenture

Returning for AirVenture, chapters now have an affordable opportunity to establish a “beachhead” at which to base their activities. Rather than paying by the day, a campsite is staked out until the convention ends. Chapters are able to purchase in advance two to six campsites at a flat rate in order to establish a chapter base of operations. Since the campsites will be staked out in advance, each chapter can direct its members to camp in the vicinity of this area.

Please check back in March 2022 to request a campsite.

The following guidelines apply to this special opportunity:

  1. Chapters can secure two to six campsites for a special flat rate of $252 per site. Additional sites may be acquired under the usual camping rules and pricing.
  2. At least one camper per individual camping site credential must be a current chapter member and a current EAA member through the end of AirVenture Oshkosh. A list of EAA members to attend with the chapter (who must be current through the end of AirVenture Oshkosh) will be provided in writing to the camper registration staff with the chapter camping request form.
  3. Offer excludes improved sites (water and electric) and sites in Paul’s Woods, 101 Woods, handicap, and generator areas.
  4. Chapter camping is only available in Camp Scholler, aircraft camping is excluded from this offer.
  5. EAA staff will stake out these campsites for the chapter beginning on or around July 11, 2022. Due to the camp ground already being open for weeks, chapter camp sites will be staked out as close as possible to the desired locations listed by the chapter.
  6. No refunds due to early departure are allowed for these campsites.
  7. Chapters must comply with the policies and guidelines stated in EAA’s current camping guidelines.
  8. The chapter leader or chapter designee will manage all chapter camping credentials.
  9. A chapter designee for each chapter will arrive first and pick up the camping credentials for all chapter campers and be available to distribute them to their respective campers as they arrive. The chapter designee checking in the chapter must present the chapter camping confirmation form, which will be emailed to them after payment is processed by EAA.
  10. All sign ups and payments must be received by June 24, 2022.
  11. Chapters are not permitted to occupy their site until July 15, 2022.

Grab your camping gear, chapter flags, and banners, and decorate the site!

Additional camping information, along with services provided, can be found here.

If you have any questions, please contact the EAA Chapter Office at chapters@eaa.org.

Camp Map:

Refer to the Camp Scholler map to select your chapter’s desired campsite. Areas shaded in red are excluded from the chapter camping program. Click image to enlarge.

Chapter Camping Restricted Areas

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