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Flying Clubs and EAA Chapters

Timm Bogenhagen, Member Programs Specialist, Ultralight & Light-Plane Community Manager


January 18, 2022 – Do you have members of your chapter that want to learn to fly, have access to use an aircraft at an affordable rate, or share the pride that comes with aircraft ownership? Flying clubs are a great way to enable this by sharing the cost of an aircraft with other like-minded people, while creating a network around the club that forms friendships, camaraderie, proficiency, and skills development. EAA has many resources available to EAA chapter members to help understand all about flying clubs. To access the extensive flying club resource center online, go to EAA.org/FlyingClubs. There you will find lots of good stuff, including FAQs, sample documents, webinar videos, and a downloadable comprehensive flying club manual that gives a complete roadmap to form a flying club.

New and upcoming: To help flying clubs recruit new members, the online flying club resource center will include a tool to find a flying club. To make this new database complete, we need your help to identify flying clubs that have a close synergy with EAA chapters. If you have a flying club that has been an outgrowth from your EAA chapter, please respond to Timm Bogenhagen at tbogenhagen@eaa.org and let Timm know the flying club name and contact information so we can add it to the database.

To learn more about flying clubs, view a recording of the recent webinar on this subject.

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