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EAA Aircraft Insurance Plan (US)

EAA Insurance Solutions has aircraft insurance plans available to all types of aircraft including: standard, experimental (including one-of-a-kind), vintage, aerobatic (including contests and airshows), warbirds, seaplanes and amphibians, helicopters and gyrocopters, powered parachutes, weight shift control (trikes), and gliders and sailplanes.

EAA has secured several zero deductible coverage options, as well as expanded coverage for handheld avionics for EAA members. And as an added bonus, most EAA members are eligible to receive other special enhancements at no extra cost:

  • First flight coverage for homebuilt aircraft
  • $5,000 for personal effects of passengers
  • $10,000 medical payments
  • $25,000 search and rescue
  • $25,000 aircraft recovery for emergency/precautionary off-airport landings
  • $50,000 liability insurance for aircraft hangars and hangar content
  • Non-owned aircraft coverage
  • After-the-sale liability insurance for both production and experimental aircraft
  • Coverage available for aircraft powered by approved auto engine conversions
  • Expanded insurance for hangar area where you base your aircraft
  • No family or "per person" sub-limits on liability insurance coverage
  • Hurricane expense reimbursement with no special deductible
  • Coverage for snow skis with no special deductible

Please note: Some expanded or enhanced insurance coverage may not be available on all insurance policies.

ATTENTION: Microsoft has discontinued updates and support for Internet Explorer, and the online insurance application may not work in Internet Explorer. The EAA site offers the best user experience on the latest versions of Google Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

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If you have questions, contact one of the aviation insurance professionals with EAA Insurance Solutions administered by Falcon Insurance Agency at 1-866-647-4322.

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