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EAA Powered Parachute & Weight Shift Control Trike INSURANCE PLAN

EAA is all about making personal aviation attainable and affordable and Powered Parachutes and Weight-Shift Controlled Trikes are all about doing just that!

Unlike previous insurance offerings that have come and gone for these aircraft, EAA established a set of mandatory requirements before EAA would allow the insurance to be available to its members. Here is the program we put together for you:

  • Domestic (U.S.-based) aviation insurance company (coverage is not currently available in Alaska)
  • Insurance for All Pilots - from Students to Airline Transport Pilots
  • Aircraft Liability Insurance (including passengers!)
  • Insurance for Personal Use
  • Aircraft Physical Damage Insurance options for the aircraft:
    • Ground Only, and
    • All Risks (Flight, Taxi, Trailering, and Ground)
  • Up to five named Pilots on each policy
  • Coverage is available for SLSA, ELSA and Experimental category aircraft, including one-of-a-kind.  (Physical Damage Insurance may not be available for some Experimental aircraft.)

If you are an EAA member and fly a PPC or a Trike, you need protection. When you buy your insurance through the EAA Powered Parachute and Weight-Shift-Control (Trike) Insurance Plan you are achieving three important objectives:

  • You are protecting yourself and your investment
  • You are helping to support the EAA member safety and education programs, and
  • You are helping to ensure the future availability of this EAA member benefit.

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If you have any questions, contact one of the aviation insurance professionals with EAA Insurance Solutions administered by Falcon Insurance Agency, Inc. at 1-866-647-4322.

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