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EAA Members may download the software and obtain a one-year license to use the software. EAA members may renew their license annually subject to the program terms and conditions in effect at the time of renewal.

Please read the notices below and review the hardware requirements before downloading this software. The software only works on PCs (members have reported issues on Macs emulating PCs). The 3D modeling capabilities of SOLIDWORKS require a more capable video card than most individuals would buy for home use. Also, members have reported issues with receiving download instructions and the 24-digit activation code. Comcast and Yahoo (including variants used by ATT, SBC Global, etc.) block the activation email from DS SolidWorks and Gmail and Microsoft send it to the spam folder. 

NOTICES: (a) The version of SOLIDWORKS that EAA members have access to is for personal use only. You may not use this software to produce designs or products that you intend to offer for sale. (b) You may not distribute or otherwise provide access to the software to any third party. (c) EAA is neither the producer of the software, nor does EAA make any representations as to the software’s fitness for any particular use. You should read SOLIDWORKS End User License Agreement prior to downloading the software. (d) EAA has obtained access to this software on an “as is” basis without a support service agreement. If you have questions about the software, we invite you to use the links below and the EAA Forums area to ask questions.

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