Isn't it Time?

EAA has developed pathways to flight making it easier, more affordable, and more accessible. Stop dreaming. Start flying.

Why Fly?

Some call it pure joy. Others would tell you it’s the discovery and adventure. For some flyers, it’s about building new skills and opening new doors. And others will tell you it’s a way to give back; to help others. For some, flying isn’t just a hobby, it’s a profession. It’s an expression of freedom, others would say.

But no one could argue with the fact that flying is just plane fun.

One thing is for sure: While your love for flying is personal, it’s also universal. Enthusiasts around the world share the same burning passion for aviation, a collective obsession that’s at the beating heart of EAA.

Our love for aviation shows itself in different ways. Maybe it’s in the details of a restoration project, or in the eyes of a youngster during her first flight. Whatever sparks your obsession, the EAA will help you chase it with everything we’ve got.

Aviation takes us to places we’ve only ever dreamed of. Then it pushes us further, to places we could have never imagined. EAA is your guide to getting the most out of the world of flight and giving your passion room to grow. Your search for a like-minded, curious community of flyers of over.


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