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EAA Sport Aviation Extras

Below you'll find videos, photo galleries, links, spreadsheets, and an assortment of other resources that correspond with content in this month's issue of EAA Sport Aviation, EAA's flagship magazine. 

EAA Sport Aviation - April 2016

Page 1—Open Cockpit


Page 6—Letters to the Editor

Website: Chicken Wings Comics


Page 10—Advocacy

Website: EAA Advocacy and Safety


Page 12—Flightline

Website: Fly-In Drive-In Movies Bring Crowds to FBO

Website: Indiana Flight Center
Website: Aeromarine LSA
Website: Flight Test Historical Foundation
Website: Top Gear Blog
Website: Sonex Aircraft B-Models
Website: Titan Engine SuperSTOL Takeoff Video
Website: Just Aircraft
Website: Sporty’s
Website: Sporty’s Foundation
Website: Sebastien Heintz’s Blog
Website: Virgin Galactic


Page 16—Left Seat

Blog: Mac’s Blog


Page 20—Workbench

Website: CamGuard

Website: Tempest Plus

Website: Tanis


Page 32—Plane Talk

Website: Lauran Paine Jr.’s Website


Page 41—One Seat Wonder

Video: Taxi out

Video: Takeoff

Video: Flyby

Video: Landing

Video: In-flight Acro


Page 50—The Next Generation

Website: EAA Collegiate Volunteer Program

Website: Volunteer at EAA


Page 82—What Our Members are Building/Restoring

Video: Caro 1 MG first flight


Page 87—Member Central

Website: Membership Questions?

Website: Hints for Homebuilders Videos


Page 88—News From HQ

Website: EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2016 to Commemorate 75th Anniversary of Pearl Harbor

Website: AirVenture Website

Website: Warbirds Flightline Volunteers Gather in Oshkosh

Website: Hints for Homebuilders

Website: Nose Art Brings History Alive

Website: CAF Nose Art Exhibit at EAA AirVenture Museum

Website: Commemorative Air Force

Website: Tony Bingelis Award Nomination.


Page 94—Members and Chapters in Action

Website: Find EAA Chapters

Website: Spruce Creek Chapter Leadership Boot Camp: A Success by Any Measure

Website: Chapter Leaders From Around the Nation Attend EAA Skiplane Fly-In

Video: EAA Skiplane Fly-In 2016

Photo Album: EAA Skiplane Fly-In 2016

Website: Building a Jenny  

Website: Chapter 1414

Website: Vintage Wings and Wheels Museum





Page 8—Ultralight World

Website: Sport Aviation Expo


Page 18—Homebuilt ADS-B Receiver for Less!

Website: Stratux

Website: Raspberry Pi installation for Windows (Win32DiskImager)

Website: Raspberry Pi installation for Mac

Website: RY835AI chip

Website: VK-172 USB WAAS GPS

Website: Stratux 3-D printed cases

Website: Tom's Stratux ADS-B Dual Tuner Case

Website: NESDR Nano 2

Website: The “FlightBox” project


Page 24—Shop Talk

Website: Budd Davisson’s Website

Spreadsheet: Estimated Homebuilt Cost

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