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EAA Sport Aviation Extras

Below you'll find videos, photo galleries, links, spreadsheets, and an assortment of other resources that correspond with content in this month's issue of EAA Sport Aviation, EAA's flagship magazine. 

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EAA Sport Aviation - December 2016

December 2016 Sport Aviation

Page 6—Letters to the Editor

Website: Chicken Wings Comics

Page 8—Advocacy

Website: EAA Advocacy and Safety

Page 12—Flightline

Website: Cirrus Announces Certification of Vision Jet

Video: First SkyDock Electric Flight

Website: Maiden Flight of HY4 Hydrogen-Powered Airplane

Website: Institute of Engineering Thermodynamics

Video: HY4 Hydrogen-Powered Airplane First Flight

Website: Redbird Conference to Migrate to Oshkosh in 2017


Page 14—Innovation

Website: Aero Glass

Video: Aero Glass concept video


Page 22—Left Seat

Blog: Mac’s Blog

Page 34—Flight Test

Website: FAA Airman Certification Standards

Website: FAA Airplane Flying Handbook


Page 38—Plane Talk

Website: Lauran Paine Jr.’s Website


Page 48—Get the RV Grin

Website: 2017 EAA Aircraft Sweepstakes

Website: Fly-away RV-12 website


Page 68—The Airplane in the Attic

Website: Budd Davisson’s Website


Page 85—Member Central

Website: Membership Questions?

Website: Hints for Homebuilders Videos

Website: ASTC Passport


Page 86—News From HQ

Website: Bob Hoover, Legendary Pilot, Dies at Age 94

Website: Bob Hoover-National Aviation Hall of Fame

Website: Tony Bingelis Award Guidelines

Website: Tony Bingelis Award Nomination

Website: Spirit of Flight Award Nomination

Website: EAA Homebuilders Hall of Fame Nomination

Website: EAA Careers

Website: EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2017 Tickets

Website: Advance Purchase Tickets Available for AirVenture Oshkosh 2017



Page 6—Ultralight World

Website: Wingboard Test Video


Page 10—Pixie Perfect

Website: Pober Pixie kit


Page 16—Shop Talk

Website: Budd Davisson’s Website

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