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EAA Sport Aviation Extras

Below you'll find videos, photo galleries, links, spreadsheets, and an assortment of other resources that correspond with content in this month's issue of EAA Sport Aviation, EAA's flagship magazine. 

EAA Sport Aviation - May 2016

Page 6—Letters to the Editor

Website: Chicken Wings Comics


Page 10—Advocacy

Website: EAA Advocacy and Safety


Page 12—Flightline

Website: Sun Flyer Solar-Electric Prototype Delivered

Website: Sun Flyer
Website: Redbird Flight Simulations
Website: Support Group to Help Pilots Back in the Cockpit

Website: Back To The Cockpit

Website: RANS

Website: Hayward Air Rally Announces Event and Scholarships

Website: Hayward Air Rally


Page 14—Innovation

Website: Donate to the Embry-Riddle Electric Aircraft Design Fund  


Page 20—Left Seat

Blog: Mac’s Blog


Page 24—Workbench

Diagnostic Solutions International

ACES Systems


Dynamic Solutions Systems

Insight Avionics


Page 36—Plane Talk

Website: Lauran Paine Jr.’s Website


Page 40—Stick and Rudder

Website: NOAA weather radar


Page 56—The Speedster

Website: Western Antique Aeroplane and Automobile Museum


Page 79—Member Central

Website: Membership Questions?

Website: Hints for Homebuilders Videos


Page 80—News From HQ

Website: EAA Staff at the National Museum of the U.S. Air Force

Website: National Museum of the United States Air Force

Website: ICON Aircraft Brings Even More Excitement to EAA's 2016 Gathering of Eagles
Website: ICON Video
Website: Gathering of Eagles

Website: Wisconsin Powered Parachute Association


Page 90—Members and Chapters in Action

Website: EAA Volunteers Begin Construction of the New Wright B Flyer

Website: Wright B Flyer, Inc

Website: EAA Chapter 5’s website

Website: Lycoming

Website: Private and Beyond




Page 2—Technically Speaking

Video: Hints for Homebuilders: Low Budget Hydroforming


Page 8—Ultralight World

Website: Operation Migration


Page 16—Homebuilts: They Aren’t All Kits

Website: Bearhawk & Patrol

Website: Bowers Fly Baby

Website: Buttercup

Website: Corben Baby Ace

Website: Cozy Mark IV

Website: Hatz CB-1

Website: Legal Eagle

Website: Midget Mustang I & II

Website: Pietenpol Air Camper

Website: Pitts Special S-1C, S-1SS and Skybolt

Website: Sonerai I, II

Website: Sonex

Website: Starduster One, Too, V-Star and Wittman W10 Tailwind

Website: Thorp T-18

Website: Sunderland S-18

Website: Smith Miniplane

Website: Stewart Headwind

Website: F.8L Falco  

Website: Thatcher CX-4

Website: Zenith 601, 650, 701, 750, 640

Website: Eklund Engineering, Inc.


Page 24—Shop Talk

Website: Budd Davisson’s Website

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