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EAA AeroEducate Ends 2023 With Growing User Base and Expanded Youth Activities

Aviation Activities for kids - EAA AeroEducate 

EAA’s AeroEducate program, the online portal that engages youths, parents, and teachers in the world of flight, grew exponentially in 2023, reaching 40,000 registered users, including more than 1,700 teachers and youth leaders, an increase from 3,000 total users in December 2022.

“AeroEducate’s rapid growth in 2023 reflected the program’s improvement and expansion throughout the year,” said Paul Maloy, EAA’s director of education. “The continuous addition of new content in cooperation with our sponsors has reinforced the overall goal of AeroEducate to engage, inspire, and empower young people to see pathways to success in aviation and aerospace.”

AeroEducate’s more than 35,000 current student users, ranging in age from five to 18 years old, combined to complete 31,000 activities across the program’s five career areas. The program includes individual do-it-yourself projects as well as classroom activities, allowing youths to explore aviation in a fun way and learn about multiple aviation career opportunities.

As students complete activities they earn digital achievement badges that can be printed as certificates of accomplishment. Currently, 22 digital badges are available across the program’s four learning levels. Each badge represents a different section of the aviation world. More badges are planned to be introduced as the program develops.

AeroEducate is supported by United Airlines, Siemens, and Airbus, with additional help from Estes Education, Horizon Hobby, NextGen Aviators, and the U.S. Air Force. More information on AeroEducate can be found at

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