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Young Eagles Online Registration Revamp Update - April 2024


May, 2024 — Editor’s Note: This update was drafted the first week of April, so the project has likely made significant progress since that time.

In the spirit of full transparency, I wanted to provide an update regarding the Young Eagles Online Registration program (currently known as Young Eagles Day).

As you hopefully know by now, the program is undergoing a complete rewrite. This was announced in December 2023.

The initial target beta test launch was set for early April. Unfortunately, we are a bit behind schedule. This is primarily related to the holiday season, EAA providing additional information to the developer which added some additional work, and a 5% delay on the developer’s side. Exacerbating the delay is my parental leave. My wife Michelle and I recently had our first child and I will be taking an extended leave to care for her and our daughter. This leave has slightly diverted my attention and will likely further delay the beta test period.

Due to the combination of these factors, I am now targeting a full go-live sometime after International Young Eagles Day (June 8, 2024) and before EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2024 (July 22, 2024). This is all subject to change, along with my availability.

The good news is that the developer that we are working with has done a great job of designing a tool that is similar to Young Eagles Day, while implementing a number of enhancements along the way. Here are some key enhancements I can already mention.

  • Pilots can add multiple chapters to their profile, so they show up for multiple chapters.
  • The event creation process has been slightly modified and simplified.
  • All chapter Young Eagles coordinators will have automatic admin access to chapter events.
  • The chapter coordinator will have the ability to pull event and historical reports for all flight data, not just what is contained in the system.
  • Single sign-on with Your login credentials will be extended to the new tool so that you only need to remember one username/password.
  • Direct integration with all EAA’s databases and member directories.

Several Young Eagles coordinators have already shared their requests for additional enhancements. Please note, at this stage in the project, we cannot add additional features. There are a number of additions already on the docket for implementation once EAA’s IT team has full control of the tool.

If you have any ideas or questions, please send them to

March, 2024 — As was documented in December 2023, the Young Eagles Online Registration system (known as Young Eagles Day) is undergoing a major rebuild.

The project is progressing very nicely, and I am excited for the launch of this new tool. Though the new system will retain 85-90 percent of its current functionality, there will still be a beta test period to work through the kinks. The beta test is set to take place this April through June. EAA has identified roughly 18 chapters to participate in the beta test.

Following the beta phase, EAA is targeting a go-live date in mid-June after International Young Eagles Day. To assist with the go-live, EAA will be migrating all the current user profiles, as well as producing updated training materials.

Since there is a natural planning period, the new online tool will run in parallel with Young Eagles Day for a few weeks. This will allow chapters with upcoming/outstanding events in Young Eagles Day to successfully close out events. Young Eagles Day will likely be shut down just prior to EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2024.

To assist with the full transition, Young Eagles coordinators can expect an additional email from EAA outlining the transition plan in further detail.

In the meantime, volunteers are encouraged to contact EAA at with any questions or concerns.

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