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EAAers Send 28,000 Messages to Congress

March 25, 2014 - Since last week's activation of EAA's Rally Congress website, more than 11,300 EAA members have sent nearly 33,850 messages to their elected representatives urging their support of House Bill HR3708 and Senate Bill S2103 - the General Aviation Protection Act.

Co-sponsorship of the House bill has grown from 64 to 74 members, while the Senate version now has four co-sponsors. This bipartisan legislation is considered crucial to widening the pool of recreational pilots who can enjoy flying their small aircraft without the expense and regulatory burden of third-class medical certification. And EAA's Rally Congress website makes it easy to contact your elected officials to urge their support.

"The tremendous response from the EAA membership sends a clear message," said Sean Elliott, EAA vice president of advocacy and safety. "Aeromedical reform has long been a top priority for GA and the participation in this campaign reinforces how important it is to EAA members. EAA is working hard to effect meaningful change and will not stop until we do."

The proposed legislation would allow pilots to use a valid state driver's license in place of the traditional medical certificate if the flights are:

    Not for compensation
    Conducted in VFR operations only, at or below 14,000 feet MSL
    No faster than 250 knots
    In aircraft with no more than six seats and no more than 6,000 pounds gross takeoff weight.

If you haven't done so already, please take a few moments and Rally Congress to support the General Aviation Protection Act! 
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