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Canadian Chapters

Ian Brown, EAA 657159, Editor and Canadian Council Board Member

February 2017 - At one count, there were 46 EAA chapters in Canada. There are significantly less today, but a resurgence is in progress. Four chapters are in the process of either being restarted or initiated. The most important reason to get involved in a chapter is for your own benefit — camaraderie, learning, sharing, and generally working together to build a stronger aviation presence in your community. It’s not the purpose of this editorial to go into great detail about the history or the actual process of forming a chapter, but my intention is just to provide a reminder that “if you build it, they will come.”

Not all EAA chapters grow at the same rate, and sometimes it can feel like tough sledding, to use a climate-relevant metaphor. One thing is certain: If you apply some energy to communicating with other pilots, arranging meetings, finding other EAA members in your area, you will eventually be very glad that you did. If you are one of those pilots with several others within say a half hour drive, why not consider forming an EAA chapter, especially if you find yourself involved in amateur-built projects or restoration.

As a rule of thumb, you will need at least 10 EAA members to form a chapter, but they don’t all have to be current members when you hold your initial meetings. There is no specific time limit on how fast the formation needs to happen, other than you can only benefit from some of the significant advantages, like the best aviation club insurance, when your chapter has been officially formed. Send us an e-mail if you would like more information on forming a chapter. We do have our own Canadian expertise ready to help. We can also arrange to have an e-mail blast sent out to all EAA members in your specific area if you would like us to make the initial contact for you. Just ask about the ChapterBlast.

Has anyone out there implemented the Dynon Autopilot, especially if it’s coupled to the Dynon D10A/D100 or Skyview? I believe that would be a topic several of our readers would love to see, including myself.

As always, thanks to our contributors this month and those of you considering articles in the coming months. Don’t forget to check out the many resources on the EAA website including webinars, builder’s tips, and the plethora of videos now available.

Finally, it was a privilege to have been involved in honouring Ted Slack at Oshkosh, prior to his recent passing. He and his family were delighted to have been chosen for this award. If any of you have suggestions for Canadian aviation pioneers who should be honoured at our next Canadian breakfast at AirVenture Oshkosh, please drop us a line.

Fly safely and stay warm! See you at Sun ’n Fun?

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