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How Much Flying Can We Talk About?

By Ian Brown, Editor - Bits and Pieces, EAA 657159

February 2018 - Well, not much to be honest. Like many of you I’m hiding from the cold in sunny Florida, where we seem to have escaped the worst of the hurricane devastation predicted by the TV stations that thrive on forecasts of doom and despondency. We were pleasantly surprised to discover our own little nest survived unscathed.

I’ve renewed my membership with EAA Chapter 1285, in Venice, Florida, and enjoyed attending its meetings and Young Eagles events, and getting to know other exiles from the north. One aspect I just love about EAA is the network of friends it’s possible to develop from all over the continent, and even the world.

Have any of our readers taken advantage of the Van’s Air Force RV Hotel List? I’m thinking of trying it. What a great idea, and what a splendid benefit for both sides of the equation. If you have a spare bed and are located relatively close to your airport, you can offer your bed, and maybe a hot meal, to another pilot who may be passing through. You’ll get to check out another aircraft, chat about your build experience and maybe your travels, and pick up some ideas about activities your guest has been involved in. If you’re the guest, you will get to stay in a warm bed with friendly aviators as your hosts and share your own stories.

“This lists places where you can stay for free while traveling the world in your Van’s RV,” the Van’s Air Force website states. “If you’re just passing through, intend to overnight, and would rather spend your money on avgas instead of a hotel, please feel free to give someone on this list a call as they’ve offered up their homes to traveling RVators.”

There are presently eight RVators on the list in Canada. I regret that I haven’t added my name to the list but plan to as soon as the logistics permit. I don’t really think you need to be an RV builder to add your name, so how about we get our Canadian act together and beef up the list a bit? There are some well-known names on that list, and any one of those homes would be delightful to visit for an evening.

If you check out the list of welcoming families willing to host complete strangers you’ll be as impressed as I was at the warmth of our aviating friends.

It seems to me that there must be other similar lists out there for aviators looking for the same deal. I’d certainly be happy to entertain a pilot passing through with the knowledge that I’d be paying it forward for the possibility of finding a friendly face to meet me at my en route airport.

Have any of our Canadian readers had RV Hotel experiences that they would like to share? We’d love to pass them on to our readers, and maybe encourage others to join in. Wouldn’t it be great to have the ability to hop across the country with a guaranteed room for the night and a friendly handshake everywhere we land?

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