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Zoom, Zoom!

By Ian Brown, EAA 657159, Editor - Bits and Pieces, Board Member - EAA Canada Council

  • The image above is one of my favourite Zoom meeting backgrounds – Dr. Who's Tardis.
    One of my favourite backgrounds – Dr. Who's Tardis

March 1, 2022 – As mentioned in an article in May 2020, many chapters are now having their monthly meetings via Zoom or some other remote platform. If yours isn't or if you are unable to travel to your nearest chapter reliably, how about suggesting they hold their meetings via Zoom, or augment their in-person meeting with Zoom? You might find some of the following benefits that you didn't expect:

  1. The obvious one — avoid possible COVID and flu season infections.
  2. Avoid the need to travel to the meetings and possible bad weather, low turnout.
  3. Hear and see the presenter well and hear any other participants' comments clearly.
  4. You can attend the meetings of other chapters.
  5. You can grow chapter participation by welcoming members who wouldn't otherwise be able to attend.
  6. Attendance of your local chapter meeting while on vacation or away on business.
  7. Use Zoom for other pilot meetings. Chapter 266 in Montreal does a morning pilots coffee Zoom.

Did you know that there are around 100 add-on apps that you can use to augment your Zoom experience? There’s everything from games to healthcare to backgrounds. Perhaps you can find or create a background for your chapter that everyone gets to upload. Of course, that might mean that you don't get to see that cat that looked so cute sitting on your favourite pilot's coffee table.

The only real problem with this idea is that if you're not careful you can wind up with TOO MANY meetings. I have three invitations this week. Still, it's better than binge watching TV!

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