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Ah, the Cost of Flying

By Ian Brown, EAA 657159, Editor - Bits and Pieces, Board member - EAA Canada Council

Your Editor
Your editor.

April 5, 2022 – We have several items in this month's issue directly relating to the cost of flying. Not only is Avgas likely to follow the “through the roof” pricing that automotive gasoline is seeing right now but two new items are going to add significantly to the cost. The ADS-B mandate discussed elsewhere will add a significant price tag to any aircraft. My Tailbeaconx with an AV-20 control head works extremely well on my RV-9A, and it does replace my existing transponder, but at around $4,000 CDN it's not an inexpensive item. Certified aircraft will probably be dealing with much higher costs.

The second item, perhaps not so directly relevant if you are already an aircraft owner not looking for an upgrade, is the proposed luxury tax. See the separate article in this issue. One interesting question is why has the tax been proposed for aircraft starting at $100,000 but for boats only starting at $250,000? It took hours of digging to understand the proposed tax structure, so I hope the article helps.

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