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Canadian Campers Sought!

Ian Brown, EAA 657159, Editor - Bits and Pieces


January 2023 – As you’ll see in a separate article by Raquel Lincoln, our Canadian Council chair, we’re planning on a Canadian camping area for up to 75 sites for AirVenture 2023. Having been one of the fortunate few who were in the “common Canadian area” in 2022 I’d highly recommend the idea of getting more of us together. The benefits of meeting new folks at Oshkosh has always been a bonus but meeting new people with whom you have something in common could be even better. Many of you have had longstanding reservations with your own groups but if you’re interested in being part of our “great Canadian experiment” take a look at Raquel’s article. We’d love to see you there.

I’d like to thank Curtis Penner for responding to the encouragement to submit an article this month. You may like his idea of crossing off one more item from your aviation bucket list. Mike Davenport did us proud this month with an article about an ancient J-3 Cub and another about a fly-in. Thanks for keeping our newsletter interesting in the “quiet months,” Mike! John Wyman’s article is a really interesting read this month and we all appreciate his commitment to a monthly piece. He has enough to say, being everything from a glider pilot to a commercial airline pilot, with a very good writing style, that he keeps our newsletter content vibrant and thought-provoking. Our Canadian Council chair, Raquel Lincoln, as mentioned above, is working on AirVenture 2023 and we have lots of ideas to make it even better than ever. If you have ideas to suggest, how about writing to Raquel at I have to say that I have the suggestion that we should consult the South African group who always seem to have such a great time. As I recall they previously set up nightly entertainment at their corner of the camping, and were always welcoming to new faces. Maybe that’s our new Canadian AirVenture model. How about a karaoke evening run by the Canadian Council? Do you have any other suggestions? Please send them to or

Please, before you go to bed tonight, put that sticker on the fridge that reads “Send an article for Bits and Pieces soon.”

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