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Regulation Changes — How You Can Help

Scott Knowlton, EAA 413379, EAA Canada Council, Advocacy

July 2023 – We live in a world of change and for aviators change comes in many forms — municipal, provincial, federal, industrial, and even environmental. We tend to resist change especially if it has a negative effect on our livelihood or pastimes, but as pilots — both general and sport aviation and professional — we typically combine the compliant nature of being a rule follower with the cultural passiveness of a true Canadian. That is an unfavourable combination when it comes time to rally the troops to bring both safety and other unintended consequences to the attention of those who propose or simply pass a bill without hearing our concerns.

  • Changes to VFR (day/night) and definition of visibility and new language of “discernible horizon (NPA 2023-005) (Transport Canada): TC.CARConsultations-RACConsultations.TC@tc.gc.ca
  • Changes to CARS recency and the new requirement of a 24 month in-flight review with a qualified flight instructor (NPA 2023-005) (Transport Canada) TC.CARConsultations-RACConsultations.TC@tc.gc.ca
  • ADS-B antenna diversity and the deadline associated with compliance in Canada vs the available avionics to meet both Canada and U.S. (SOR/2020-238) (Transport Canada and NAV Canada) TC.AARTQuestions.TC@tc.gc.ca
  • Availability of 100LL in Ontario (possibly other parts of the country) supply chain and refining issues (Transport Canada) Civil Aviation Communications Centre Contact Form
  • Availability of ethanol-free Mogas in Ontario (as of 2023 mandated by law to have all auto gas contain 20% methanol) (Canadian Government) Kaitlin.Power@ec.gc.ca
  • Loss of airports (Ontario) - Buttonville closing this year, Sarnia on the ropes, Wiarton on the market (Local Municipality)
  • Loss of Ontario airports as a result of the erection of wind-powered generators (Ontario Power Authority) REFO@ontario.ca

If you as a member have other changes you are seeing and feel they will have an impact on the safety or the ability for you to enjoy your activities around aviation, please feel free to write to your advocate at advocacy.eaacc@gmail.com. We are in this together.

SmartPilot is an amazing resource for Canadian pilots — check it out at SmartPilot.ca
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