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Colorado and California Actions Affecting General Aviation

EAA is engaged in a number of issues at the state level, working with multiple local and national associations. Much of that activity is focused on aviation fuel.

Recent legislation introduced in Colorado would require airports to develop plans to phase out leaded avgas while establishing a fund to support unleaded fuel infrastructure. The fund would be supported with a fee on the sale of leaded fuel. The legislation would create an income tax rebate for Colorado residents who purchase an unleaded fuel Supplemental Type Certificate (STC). The bill also proposes adding two additional members, giving priority to non-pilots who reside directly in the flight path of high-traffic general aviation airports or commercial airports, to the Colorado Aeronautical Board.

A bill in the California State Senate proposes a ban on the sale or distribution of leaded avgas in a phased approach, beginning at airports in disadvantaged communities starting in 2026 and throughout the state by 2030. Additionally, the Center for Environmental Health (CEH) is attempting to impose a consent judgment from a 2014 court ruling that would require distributors and FBOs to offer G100UL unleaded avgas. While that judgment would not expressly ban the sale of 100LL at those airports, it could for all intent eliminate such sales, since most small airport FBOs could not afford the installation of an additional fuel tank and system for both fuels.

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