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Guide to Drafting MOSAIC NPRM Comments Now Available

The deadline for submitting comments to the MOSAIC proposal is January 22, 2024. While EAA will be submitting its comments on behalf of the membership, EAA encourages members who intend to comment independently on the FAA MOSAIC proposal to do so with suggestions and recommendations that highlight the proposal’s positive benefits for general aviation. To support those members who will be drafting comments, EAA has developed a commenting guide detailing the areas of the proposal that EAA supports and those areas where we offer constructive recommendations to enhance the FAA’s proposal. EAA’s comments will reflect overall support on behalf of our membership, while providing key recommendations for enhancing the proposal.

MOSAIC builds upon the 20 years of positive experience with Sport Pilot and Light-Sport Aircraft and proposes to broaden the definition of the privileges of both. EAA sees tremendous benefit in expanding the capability, size, and scope of aircraft that can be built utilizing industry consensus standards and the aircraft that can be flown while exercising Sport Pilot privileges.

We encourage members to consider the topics in this guide and craft comments in their own words, drawing upon their experiences to support the proposal. The FAA needs to hear support for the MOSAIC proposal from the aviation community and recommendations in areas where the proposal can be enhanced.

EAA’s government team continues to evaluate the proposal and formulate the association's official comments. Once the organization’s comments are submitted, EAA will continue our advocacy efforts as the FAA evaluates the comments from the public, continues the rulemaking process, and contemplates changes to the proposal as it develops its final rule.

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