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New PS Engineering Audio Panel Designed for Homebuilts

  • PDA360EX
    PS Engineering’s new PDA360EX audio panel is designed exclusively for experimental aircraft.
February 5, 2015 - PS Engineering has tailored its latest and most capable audio panel to suit the requirements of homebuilt airplanes and other experimentals. The new PDA360EX retains the advanced features of PS Engineering’s top-of-the-line audio panel but leaves out capabilities experimental airplanes won’t use to save money.

IntelliAudio is a new feature PS Engineering introduced last year. The technology allows pilots to listen to two radios at once but to “position” the sound using stereo headphones so one radio is audibly dominate while the other is still hearable in the background. The technique is essentially the same that we use to listen to a conversation with one person in a crowded room of other conversations.

Listening to ATIS while still being able to hear controllers is a common example of how IntelliAudio is useful. And there are many other situations where you want to “guard” a second frequency while paying close attention to another.

The PDA360EX also has PS Engineering’s IntelliVox voice sensing technology on the intercom. IntelliVox uses digital electronics to recognize when you are speaking into the microphone and opens the circuit automatically. The system is smart enough to reject non-vocal noise to keep the intercom quiet when nobody is talking.

The audio panel also has Bluetooth capability so you can wirelessly connect personal electronics to your headset and intercom. A new feature is a USB charger outlet so you can keep the batteries of your personal electronics topped off during flight.

What the PDA360EX leaves out to cut cost is intercom capability for more than four locations, a cockpit speaker amplifier and marker beacon receiver, which few homebuilt airplane owners would want or need. That allows PS Engineering to price the PDA360EX at $2,095, significantly less than the comparable unit for certified aircraft. Units are available for immediate delivery from authorized PS Engineering dealers. For more information visit the PS Engineering website.

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