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L-3 Announces Lynx Line of ADS-B Equipment

February 11, 2015 – L-3 officially announced its line of Lynx ADS-B "out" equipment aimed at a broad range of airplanes. List prices range from $3,467 for a basic remote-mounted unit to $6,800 for a unit that is both a transponder and ADS-B out and includes a display of traffic and weather.

The Lynx line includes three versions of a remote-mounted box and two that are panel-mounted transponder replacements. All versions of the Lynx include a WAAS-aided position sensor and a transmitter. The more basic remote-mounted units broadcast on the UAT frequency while the panel-mounted transponder system uses the standard 1090 MHz transponder frequency. UAT is suitable for flight below 18,000 feet, but after 2020 a 1090 MHz ADS-B out will be required above that altitude.

All Lynx units except the entry level NGT-1000 include ADS-B "in" capability so they can receive traffic alerts and the weather and other information sent up subscription free on the FIS-B channel. The NGT-9000 transponder style Lynx boxes have a flat glass display to show traffic and weather info without need for another display. Some of the units can also use Wi-Fi to connect to portable devices to display the FIS-B information.

The NextGen GA Fund has placed orders for 10,000 of the entry level NGT-1000 units as part of its effort to "jumpstart" ADS-B installations. The NGT-1000 is the most basic unit, and presumably the lowest priced. Avionics shops will order the equipment from the NextGen GA Fund which can also make loans to airplane owners. Information on the installed cost of the NGT-1000 should be available before long.

L-3 said in its announcement that data for the transponder-style NGT-9000 has been submitted for TSO approval and the remote-mounted units already have TSO and a multi-model STC to be installed in a very long list of standard category airplanes.

There are also premium models of the NGT-9000 that have antenna diversity which is required in some countries and operations, and a version with enhanced traffic display.

The NGT-9000 units are potentially the least complicated to install of any compliant ADS-B equipment. The NGT-9000 performs all of the required transponder functions, has the internal position sensor, and in many airplanes can use the existing transponder antenna. And the NGT-9000 is very close to the same height as popular transponders so there need not be a lot of moving other avionics around for the installation.

Unless you have a newer transponder such as a Garmin GTX330 you will need a panel-mounted control box to install the lower cost remote-mounted Lynx. That control unit is necessary to synchronize the code you set in your transponder with the ADS-B "out" message. The control unit is priced at an additional $1,223.

You can go to to see more details of the Lynx family and also to be directed to apps that show the equipment in action. 
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