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Another Great Skiplane Fly-In

February 11, 2016 - This year's Skiplane Fly-In, held at Pioneer Airport on February 6, was one for the books; nearly 30 airplanes flew in and well over a thousand people were in attendance. This special winter event celebrated the fun of skiplane flying as well as the anniversary of the first-ever meeting of EAA on January 26, 1953.

A total of 28 skiplanes from four states attended the event, which ran from mid-morning to mid-afternoon. The bulk of the pilots arrived from other points in Wisconsin, while two came from Illinois, two from Michigan, and one from Forest Lake Minnesota. When not wandering the flightline and admiring the airplanes, pilots and visitors warmed up with hot chili and soup inside one of the display hangars at Pioneer Airport.

Check out our video recap of this year’s event:

Of the 28 airplanes that flew in, there were a number of Cubs - six J-3s and two Super Cubs, not to mention a homebuilt PA-11 and a Wag-A-Bond; two 170Bs, two 180s, and a bright orange L-19 made up the Cessna contingent; in the Aeronca department, we saw three Champs and a Sedan, along with a couple of Citabrias. Other visitors included a classic Maule M4, a Taylorcraft BC-12, a Mini-MAX, a Kitfox, a Ridge Runner, and even a couple of nosedraggers: a Zenith CH701 and a Challenger II. See how many of them you can spot in our extended photo gallery above.

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