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Young Eagle Overcomes Fear of Heights to Fly

  • Young Eagle Overcomes Fear of Heights to Fly
  • Young Eagle Overcomes Fear of Heights to Fly
    1st flight on my 3rd birthday ~ 2001
  • Young Eagle Overcomes Fear of Heights to Fly
    Carson flying with his friend.

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of the EAA Young Eagles program in 2017, we’re featuring 25 Young Eagles whose stories inspire and exemplify the impact of the program.

February 23, 2017 - Carson Hallam’s first flight in a general aviation aircraft, at the age of three, wasn’t exactly the fun, exhilarating ride many pilots recount when talking about their first time in the air.

“[I remember] crying,” Carson said. “I asked for a flight for my third birthday but I remember being so scared of heights that tears blurred my vision as I looked out of the window.”

Thankfully, Carson’s interest in aviation, something he shares with his family, won out and in 2014 he took a Young Eagles flight with Chapter 301 and went on to get his private pilot certificate something he said was made possible by the Young Eagles program.

“After my Young Eagles flight, I looked in the Sporty's Young Eagles logbook and saw The Young Eagles Flight Plan,” he said. “It really didn't cross my mind that I'd complete all five steps, but less than two years later, every step was checked off. I owe a huge debt of gratitude to EAA and the Young Eagles program for truly changing my life and helping fulfill dreams.”

Carson said the structure of the Young Eagles program is part of what makes it so important and so successful.

“Young Eagles provides tools which most pilots would otherwise not be able to offer i.e. free ground school, scholarships, etc.,” he said. “The flying community is a hard community to find the door into, but I believe Young Eagles provides that nationwide open door for many young aspiring pilots.”

As a private pilot, Carson said he tries to take someone for a ride every time he flies and plans to start flying with the Young Eagles program soon to pass on his love of aviation and hopefully inspire a few kids to become pilots.

“In the process of becoming a pilot you'll learn more than how to fly,” he said. “You'll learn valuable life lessons such as patience, tenacity, social skills, etc. In other words, your life will truly be changed.”

If you or someone you know has a Young Eagles story to share, e-mail us at khollidaygreenley@eaa.org. You can also share your Young Eagles photos or video with us on Twitter and Instagram using #YoungEagles25.

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