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EAA Insurance Solutions: One Call!

By Bob Mackey, Senior Vice President, EAA Insurance Solutions Administered by Falcon Insurance Agency, Inc.

March 3, 2016 - I don’t know about you, but I think most pilots would much rather spend their free time flying than shopping for insurance. However, some pilots I know, in an effort to save a little money, will fill out multiple online quote requests through multiple brokers. They spend countless hours shopping and end up wondering if the effort was worth it, when all it produced was confusion and time spent away from flying. Sometimes, it is just best to pick up the phone and make one call.

The other day, Jim Britt (EAA 1069651) called me to ask about flight instructor insurance. Britt lives in New Mexico, he recently retired, and he is finishing up his sport pilot flight instructor rating for weight shift control (trike) aircraft. I explained the insurance coverage under the EAA CFI Insurance Plan and I went over the options and annual cost.

During our conversation, Britt mentioned he recently purchased a North Wing Sport X2 which he intended to use for flight instruction. I told Britt what he really needed was aircraft insurance that would have flight instruction, including supervised solo, as approved uses. I went over the details of the EAA WSC (Trike) and PPC (Powered Parachute) Insurance Plan including the coverage options and costs, and we discussed how this insurance applies to the exposure of transporting the trike via trailer. I also explained how this insurance provided coverage specifically during student supervised solo flights.

While talking about insurance coverage for the flight training activities Britt asked if it is possible to extend the insurance policy to cover the students. I told him that some insurance companies will add insurance for students and renters; however, this expanded coverage is very limited and really shouldn’t be what the student or renter pilot rely on for protection. Instead, I told Britt that student pilot and renter, for that matter, should have their own insurance in the form of a non-owned aircraft insurance policy. Next, I went over the coverage available for students and renters under the EAA Non-Owned Aircraft Insurance Plan including Trikes. I gave Britt some examples of the costs and coverage options, as well. I also explained how the EAA Non-Owned Aircraft Insurance is easily accessible 24/7 and very affordable.

As Britt and I were wrapping up our telephone conversation, he said he needed to do some investigation into insurance for himself because he discovered his life insurance policy didn’t include aviation risks other than riding onboard a scheduled air carrier (airline). I told him we have something that might be perfect the EAA Personal Insurance Plan which offers Aviation and Non-Aviation Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance. I told Britt this EAA member benefit would fill-the-gap in his life insurance, it would apply to his trike, and it would cover him while he is giving flight instruction. Furthermore, this EAA plan is easy to get online in just a few minutes. I outlined all of the details about the EAA Personal Insurance Plan, including the cost.

As Britt and I finished our conversation he said, “Wow, one phone call and I got so much information on all the things I have been thinking about!” In one phone call Britt and I were able to go over aircraft insurance for his trike including flight instruction, non-owned aircraft insurance for his students, and personal insurance. EAA has three great member benefits that will provide exactly what Britt is looking for.

EAA Insurance Solutions administered by Falcon Insurance Agency is all about providing EAA members with insurance designed for the type of aircraft and flying EAA members do. EAA members have exclusive access to all of the great resources with EAA Insurance Solutions has to offer by calling 866-647-4322 or going to the EAA Insurance Solutions Resource Center online.  Remember, when you insure through EAA Insurance Solutions, you will get the right insurance at the best price and you will be helping to growth EAA Youth Aviation Programs.

Bob Mackey is senior vice president with Falcon Insurance Agency, the official administrators of EAA Insurance Solutions. If you have any comments about this article or if would like to see a specific aviation insurance topic addressed in a future article, send him an e-mail.

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