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EAA Volunteers Begin Construction of the New Wright B Flyer

  • EAA Volunteers Begin Construction of the New Wright B Flyer
    EAA Chapter 5 visit to Wright B Flyer hangar at KMGY kicked off the build of the new Wright B Flyer airplane.
  • EAA Volunteers Begin Construction of the New Wright B Flyer
    EAA Chapter 5 members building new Wright B Flyer wing spars in their workshop.
  • EAA Volunteers Begin Construction of the New Wright B Flyer
    EAA Chapter 382 helps build tail boom structure for the new Wright B Flyer at Dayton Wright Brothers Airport

March 10, 2016 - At EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2015, Wright B Flyer, Inc. announced that it will construct a new look-a-like of the 1911 Wright Model B airplane and invited EAA chapters to help.  Based near Dayton Ohio, home of the Wright Brothers, the new airplane will support its mission of providing rides to individuals so they can experience what the Wright Brothers felt in 1911.

According to Wright B Flyer, Inc. chairman Jay Jabour, EAA 1014225, the response from EAA chapters has been fantastic. Since AirVenture Oshkosh 2015 the team has been refining the design of the new airplane and has now started construction. EAA Chapter 5, based at Geauga County Airport in Middlefield, Ohio, has volunteered to build the primary structure for all four wing panels. Wright B Flyer delivered material and jigs for those components to the Chapter 5 workshop in mid-January. The construction of the wings includes precision machining of parts, welding steel tube for the wing spars and cross members, as well as assembling and installing wood rib assemblies. You can visit EAA Chapter 5’s website and look at the camera in the North Bay to see their workspace.

Construction at the Wright B Flyer hangar has started by organization volunteers and EAA Chapter 382 members. The tail boom is the first major component being built in Dayton. The tail boom is mostly welded steel tube construction. When the tail boom is finished it will be used in ground testing of the rudder.

The next major component will be the main center section that includes the pilot platform and propulsion system. 

The entire project is being funded by donations. Thanks to the generosity of Lycoming the project now has a new IO-390 engine. Local businesses have also donated materials and services to the project. Key components of the engine/prop system are being built by EAA volunteer Craig Willan.

Anyone interested in the project can receive a periodic e-mail by contacting Wright B Flyer, Inc. at wbflyer@dayton.net or can learn more by visiting Wright B Flyer, Inc.

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