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Hint No. 400 Milestone Reached

  • Hint No. 400 Milestone Reached
    400th Hint for Homebuilder's Video - Replacing Control Cables

March 12, 2015 - Just over seven years ago – February 25, 2008 – Earl Luce, EAA 303169, was featured on video in e-Hotline demonstrating to fellow homebuilders a tip on how he bends steel tubing. That three-and-a-half minute video launched arguably one of EAA’s most popular offerings for members, Hints for Homebuilders, and this week Luce returns in e-Hotline for the milestone 400th hint, “Replacing Control Cables.” 

The popular video series, which in seven years has garnered multimillions of views, has also produced a pair of well-received DVDs and created a section of Sport Aviation with hints submitted by EAA members.

EAA member Russ Erb, EAA 349454, from Chapter 1000, who built a Bearhawk, had this to say about the Hints: “I think the Hints for Homebuilders (video) series is the most significant thing that EAA has done to advance the art of homebuilding since Tony Bingelis (wrote for Sport Aviation)”.

EAA member Drew Harteveld, EAA 699738, summed it up this way: “A hearty ‘thanks’ for your investment in the Hints for Homebuilders videos. They are, quite literally, the single most valuable asset I have ever received from EAA…These tactical little Web-based videos have already been invaluable to me. I’m watching them each several times, and hanging on every word.”

Charlie Becker, EAA director of communities and homebuilt community manager, loves the grassroots appeal that relies mostly on volunteers. “I want to thank all the knowledgeable members who have gone on camera to share their experience and ideas,” he said.

Becker is also thankful for all the suggestions and contributions from members. “At the start of this I wondered if we would run out after 40 hints, let alone 400, but we’ve managed to keep it going,” he added. “When members compare the Hints to the body of work that Tony Bingelis did many years ago, that’s the kind of high praise that really means a lot.”

With episode 400, Luce has contributed a total of 17 hints, which ties him for No. 6 on the list of most featured volunteer presenters. Brian Carpenter has the most featured hints with 72, followed by Dick Koehler with 65 (brother Bob Koehler teamed with Dick on 16 others), Joe Norris, 31, Jack Dueck, 26, and Mark Forss, 20, and Mike Busch, 17.

Here are the rest of the volunteer Hints for Homebuilders presenters.
Kas Osterbuhr
Kerry Fores
Timm Bogenhagen
Wally Anderson
Sebastian Heintz
Roger Dubbert
Charlie Becker
Dave Clark
Jeremy Monnett
John Monnett
Roger Dubbert
Carah Durell
Dr. Joe Maj
Scott Skrjanc
Brady Lane
Ken Terrio
Fred Stadler
Hualdo Mendoza
Jim Martin
John Brecher
Michael Hoye
Mike Peer
Caleb Ihrig
Chad Jensen
Dave Conrad
Dave Saylor
Doug Drees
Doug Kelly
Ed McGowin
Jim Miller
Jon Gouger
Mitch Zehr
Richard Koehler
Sam Coates
Sam James
Tim Hoversten

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