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Support Group to Help Pilots Back in the Cockpit

Support Group to Help Pilots Back in the CockpitMarch 17, 2016 - Surviving an accident is often the beginning of a challenging time for a pilot. The FAA will investigate, the wreckage will have to be dealt with, insurance claims have to be filed, and everyone will want to know what happened. But the most challenging issue a pilot faces will be the self-doubt that has suddenly surfaced. The emotional toll can be heavy and the easiest thing for a pilot to do is simply walk away from flying. A new group is forming to make sure that does not happen.

Back To The Cockpit is being formed as a support group for accident pilots to help them return to flying. The group is being started by pilots who have successfully returned to the cockpit after serious accidents. Back To The Cockpit will provide resources and conversation to those pilots who may experience challenges in getting past the aftermath of an accident. The resources will include articles, first person stories by pilots who have returned to the cockpit, as well as a list of resources for those who wish to pursue this topic further.

Membership will be open to anyone who is interested in furthering discussion of this topic.

More information is available at the Back To The Cockpit website.

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