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Aspen Launches Integrated AOA Indicator

April 8, 2015 - Aspen Avionics announced Wednesday its integrated Evolution Angle of Attack (AOA) indicator, a patent-pending solution seamlessly integrating AOA technology directly into Aspen’s Evolution primary flight and multi-function displays. The AOA indicator is expected to become available in July 2015.

“The software-based derived angle of attack function provides real-time stall margin awareness without hardware, cabling, or aircraft modifications,” said Perri Coyne, director, marketing operations. The aircraft modification consists of a simple software upgrade to the Aspen primary and multi-function flight displays and requires a short calibration flight as part of the return to service.

Aspen’s Evolution AOA indicator calculates angle of attack from the flight envelope data received from the air data computer and AHRS in the Evolution 1000 PFD/1000 MFD, and a certified GPS. Therefore it does not require additional hardware, external aircraft modifications, or sensors.

According to Aspen, other benefits include:

  • Improves safety - provides real time flaps up and down stall margin awareness - enables the pilot to see the available lift before changing the configuration - crucial when making a go-around.
  • Intuitive display– provides an immediate, clear visual display of trend toward stall and stall margin. Pilot comprehends important information at a glance.
  • Easy installation – Requires no additional probes, wiring or equipment. Installation cost and down time are minimal.
  • Primary Field of View – AOA is displayed on the Aspen PFD or MFD. Information is displayed in pilot’s natural field of view.
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